tisdag 7 december 2010

HQ, small platoon and partial WP almost done

The painting part is done for most of the stands for the upcoming battle.

HQ with bazooka (supposed to go with the rifle platoon)
From Miniature gaming

Rifle Platoon (6 squads)
From Miniature gaming

Partial Weapons Platoon
From Miniature gaming

I have three mortars left to paint now, plus some kind of basing and a sealer. I have some kind of fixative sealer as well as some of Vallejo's gloss and matte varnish, which I will try on something else before I risk messing up something important. Will probably test it in the air brush, should work out pretty fine I guess.
My wife me some modelling paste which I will try out for the basing. Thinking of mixing it with some brown paint and sand. To give it a bit of color and texture, at the moment it looks a bit blend.

Further more, I put an order for the D-Day books for FoW, some paint, a US dice set and somehow a Sanguinary Guard box ended up in the shopping cart too. Gonna try to build some HQ units out of the SG box, mix it up with the honor guard box I have gotten earlier.