fredag 27 december 2013

Panther G platoon #1

The four Panther Gs are now ready for the table-top, all base colors in place and varnished to withstand the battlefield. A bit shiny in the photo from the gloss varnish but that will change when they have been highlighted and weathered.
I'm happy with how they came out and it was really fun to paint them up. 

The inspiration for the pattern are these pictures:

Let's hope they will do some good on the table this coming Sunday, facing the great, green horde of Soviet armor!

fredag 20 december 2013

Panther G teaser

A quick post just to show what the camo will be looking like.
It is not a pattern used by Totenkopf and it is not 100% accurate (the yellow/brown stripes are a bit to big) but I like how it came out. 
With just a week left before our Total War game, I'm just aiming to have all four Panthers base colored and varnished. Everything else is a bonus.

torsdag 19 december 2013

Picking up the brush

After a nice holiday in New Zealand, visiting my sister and her family, I have finally gotten back to some painting. This autumn have been too much video games, so now I have un-installed them and decided to focus my spare time on the miniatures.

Currently on the table: Four Panther G, a Nebelwerfer platoon and the final touches on the Panzer IV platoons. There are also some Kübelwagens sitting around but they are not that important at the moment.

I started working on a two piece extension for my modular hills, about half a meter in length. It was in the shed outside and at this time of year drying times are not that good. Guess it will have to sit inside for a few days before I continue with it.