måndag 28 februari 2011

First projects for 2011 started

The first house project for the year has started, our office/hobby room is getting a face lift and some needed storage space.
We will put up some cabinets and shelves where we can put some things away, hidden behind some doors instead of being spread all over the desk. The old desk has been given away to my wife's brother, in it's place we will build a long desk along one of the walls with space for two instead of a big, curved desk taking half of the room.

From Rödeby 2011

On the miniature front, I have cleaned up and put together my Honour Guard, a squad of Vanguard Veterans, another Dreadnought, a Sanguinary Guard and some bikes. I have also converted some Melta guns from Bolters/Infernus Pistols.
On the way to finishing those 1000 points, I am trying out some NMM and glazing technique on my Librarian that I found on Youtube.

From Miniature gaming

From Miniature gaming

Tried to practice some steel NMM on a horse's ass. I am not sure if I got the shine correct, maybe the colors should have been switched. I also made some misstakes with the highlight (too much and thick paint in the bristles).
From Miniature gaming