onsdag 14 augusti 2013

E Tenebrae Lux II - Done for me

My contribution to the Blood Angel's sub-forum is now done.
Four characters: Commander Dante, Corbulo, a Reclusiarch and Mephiston.

Basing will be done later as I am saving up a bunch of miniatures to do at one go.

söndag 4 augusti 2013

Operation: Overlord - Saint-Lô - Final fight

Taking up their final stand around the church in Saint-Lô, the Fallschirmjägers will fight until the bitter end.

The lists are like before:
1st ID: 
Compulsory Rifle Company HQ - 1x CinC Carbine, 1x 2iC Carbine
- Bazooka - 2x Bazooka

Compulsory Rifle Platoon - 1x Command Rifle, 1x Bazooka, 9x Rifle
Compulsory Rifle Platoon - 1x Command Rifle, 1x Bazooka, 9x Rifle

Mortar Platoon - 1x Command Carbine, 4x M1 81mm Mortar
- Bazookas - 2x Bazooka
Independent Tank Platoon - 1x Command M4 or M4A1 Sherman, 2x M4 or M4A1 Sherman
Field Artillery Battery - 1x Command Carbine, 1x Staff, 1x Observer Carbine, 4x M2A1 105mm Howitzer

995 Points, 5 Platoons

6th FJ:
Compulsory Fallschirmjager Company HQ - 1x CinC SMG, 1x 2iC SMG

Compulsory Fallschirmjager Platoon - 1x Command Rifle/MG, 9x Rifle/MG
Compulsory Fallschirmjager Platoon - 1x Command Rifle/MG, 9x Rifle/MG

Fallschirmjager Machine-gun Platoon - 1x Command SMG, 4x MG42 HMG 
Grenadier Assault Gun Platoon - 1x Command StuG G, 1x StuG G
Luftwaffe Anti-Aircraft Assault Platoon - 1x Command SMG, 2x 8.8cm FlaK36 gun
- Extra Crew - 2x Extra Crew

995 Points, 5 Platoons

Added some more houses to the table, turning it into a smaller city.

In the cover of the houses, the Americans manage to push up towards the church, with a lucky ToT from the 105s one FJ platoon is almost wiped out and leaves the table. Not having the full force on the table from the start and a better route with more cover for the Americans in this last battle, made them move quicker over the table without suffering any casualties. The last FJ platoon made a good last stand in the church but it was not enough to win the game. No platoons wiped out on the American side, 6-1 victory. Hopefully enough for the Allies to win the Overlord-campaign.

Operation: Overlord - Saint-Lô - US Rifle vs retreating Fallschirmjägers

Even though the Fallschirmjaegers repelled the attack from the Americans, they will not be able to hold on for much longer and plan for a withdrawal to improve the defenses in other sectors.

Operation: Overlord - Saint-Lô - German FJ vs US Rifle

Finally, the goal for the operation is in sight: Saint-Lô!
The church tower making for the skies in the distance with the rest of the city spreading out around it. The Big Red One has taken up positions outside the city and are making ready to go in to take a foot hold in the outskirts.

One objective is placed near a small square on the US right flank and another behind a house on the left. The Germans deploy one FJ platoon and two 88s in ambush, leaving the Americans to guess where to attack. In reserves are two Stugs and another FJ platoon. Both FJ platoons get two HMGs attached to them.
On the American side, the commander let a battery of 105s dig in, put a the first rifle platoon on the left flank and the second on the right and a tank platoon of three Shermans in the middle. A support platoon of four 81mm mortars find a nice spot behind a small hill to assist the grunts with some smoke, they dig in just like the 105s.