onsdag 17 juni 2015

New Arrivals: BA, SAGA and some blisters

The last batch of things from Waylands arrived today. Two rule boooks, SAGA and Bolt Action together with a blister of Gebirgsjägers, some static grass and the rest of the plastic bases for my terminators.

söndag 14 juni 2015

Progress week 24

This week I have finished the painting of my Space Hulk terminators (excluding the bases). It took a lot longer then I first thought it would but who is in a rush?

I think they came out pretty well, maybe it would have been nice to have more battle damage on them but they will do. They are gonna get some 40mm round bases so I can use them for normal 40k games too.

söndag 7 juni 2015

Got eyes for you

The Space Hulk terminators are getting very, very close to being done. Maybe a game fore midsummer is possible, just six months late.
Had some time Friday evening to paint the eyes on the Librarian and the Tyranid corpse, minus the guts. The Librarian still has to be given a nice grip for his force axe but then he is done (I think).

lördag 6 juni 2015

Model Dads giveaway

Maybe you have you used Hans von Luck in Flames of War and you are more interested in his life. Then head over to Model Dads and enter their give-away for a free copy of "Panzer Commander: The Memoires of Hans von Luck": http://www.modeldads.co.uk/Life-at-the-Front/wordpress/panzer-commander-the-memoirs-of-hans-von-luck-give-away/

tisdag 2 juni 2015

6MMRPC - The kickoff

When I was surfing around a while back at Rust and the city, I stumbled upon the 6MMRPC.
As the name implies, it is a challenge to do something about that mountain of lead, plastic and resin that keeps on growing like an Icelandic volcano.
For me, this is a way to really do something about the little models, crying to get some nice paint on them instead of their grey, boring finish.
This also lead me to Draxian Charts, a nice visual way of organizing work in progress. I have been using Trello boards, which is good to organize and prioritize the work in progress but gives lesser overview of the goal when there are multiple parts for each unit in an army. Trello will still be there to keep down the ongoing work though and I will finish off the things I have in the later stages, for example I have a bunch of tanks that just have some decals and weathering left to do.

But, let's get on with my Draxian charts!

For me the most important goal during these six months is to have more Flesh Tearers painted. Together with the E Tenebrae Lux it will hopefully keep my aim straight so I don't stray down the path of "I'll just start this one too". As you can see, I have a lot of work here. Baal Predators are currently in the pipe and after that it will probably be some Jump Pack Death Company.

In the Flames of War corner, we have both panzers and infantry. I have split them up in regards of armies.
The Totenkopf/Panzer company is pretty much done. The King Tiger and Sturm Tigers are almost assembled and ready for some primer.

My Gebirgsjägers are awaiting some new uniforms. Not much to say about them, they are not a huge force at the moment and will probably be around the 1000 points mark but they are not the highest priority.

I have yet to create charts for my terrain and my War&Empire armies but they are on the way.