måndag 25 mars 2013

Totenkopf part 1 done

The progress on my Totenkopf company has been quite slow, the main reason has been a pregnant wife and the fruits from that: my lovely little son. Quite a project in itself.

This weekend I managed to put the final touches of part one of my SS Panzer Kompanie. 

The force so far consists of my fictional SS-Hauptsturmführer Ernst Braun and his second in command Victor Hauber.
Forming Zug 1 are another three Panzer IV (one with magnetized barrel).

Zug 2 is formed by five Panzer IV G.

Zug 3 is made up from five Panzer III G, shown behind the recon platoon.

All tanks are from Plastic Soldier Company and the recon platoon are Zvesda's SdKfz222 (one slightly modified with an antenna made from a paper clip), this made the cost of this core for my German force quite low at about €60, resulting at about 40 points per euro. Of course it adds some time when it comes to building the tanks but I find it OK in comparison to the prize.

The force has gotten the basic colors, a gloss varnish and a wash to black line them and I consider them battle ready. Next step is to add highlights, weathering and the final varnish but that will probably have to wait a while.