onsdag 28 oktober 2009

Weekend and some more

Ordered some new speaker-elements for my broken speakers (which broke in the wedding) and I got the last Friday. So me and Parisa removed the old ones and replaced them, so now the surround is back in the house :)
I also soldered some wiring for the amplifier for the subwoofer and tested it up but since it doesn't have a filter it gives a wee bit to much of the sound register. Dad had some old filter lying around so I guess I can grab that. It also needs some on-off switch, quite cumbersome to have to unplug it everytime you want to turn it off.

Have gotten a list of kitchen wares which we will order:
Microwave Husqvarna 4141 FX
Owen Husqvarna 7408 FX
Dishwasher AEG F404010VIL
Stove Whirpool AKM607
Fridge/Freezer LG side by side GW-B 207FSQK, 90 cm
Fan Gorenje DF610E

Been playing some Dawn of War 1 aswell, finished the first game, on to the second expansion (Winter Assault). Quite a nice little game, good way to get into the WH40k universe. Nice story and so, graphics are getting a bit out of date I guess but it doesn't really matter.

Furthermore I continued to base coat my Blood Bowl team, have some brown and bone to put on then it is time to wash them.

tisdag 20 oktober 2009

Kitchen plans

The plans for the kitchen are coming together.
We are aiming for a stainless steel sink, the rest of the top boards will probably be made from stone.The pictures are also missing a wall behind the oven which has to be put up and some solution for the corner behind the oven and next to the entrance.

The planned fridge.

måndag 19 oktober 2009

Change of plans and some ball tossers

Haven't been painting for a while but some progress last night.
I've decided to go with a Black Templar army instead of Blood Angels so I covered up the dred.

Primed and tidied up four marines (Black Templar initiates to be)

I've also primed, put some skin color and metal on the chain mail/armor on a orc blitzer and a black orc for my orcy Blood Bowl team.

Furthermore I have primed and skinned four orc slugga boyz.

Next up for this bunch of minis is to be fully base coated and then some wash. I think I need to work on my camera technique and lighting when taking pictures as well.

tisdag 6 oktober 2009

Blood Angels Dreadnaught 2

Finally got some time and a mood for some painting.
Fixed up some details on the Dred (hoses, pipes, skulls and so on), so next step will be some washing.