måndag 27 oktober 2014

Water mill finished

Last night I finished the water mill and it came out OK I think. The bridge is probably what I am the most happy with as it came to life with the washes and a bit of over growth. 
Hauptsturmführer Ernst Braun, my trusty company commander, gladly did some posing in his Panzer III.

lördag 25 oktober 2014

Water mill progress

The water mill is now ready to get some vegetation added.
I painted up the water, first attempt ever for me on water so it came out so-so but good enough to be put on the table without me being ashamed of it.

onsdag 15 oktober 2014


One thing I forgot to have a look at after moving my hobby area downstairs was the ventilation. In the old spot I had a window next to my airbrush station and I never experienced any ill effects from airbrushing.
So when I started up the compressor and went to town with the tanks in the weekend I totally forgot about the fumes and the side effects this might have. Later in the night I had the worst headache, slept bad and my eyes were paining. I even woke up in the middle of the night and had to clear my throat and clean my eyes.
After this I went straight for the hardware store and got myself a protective mask and goggles, hopefully this will keep the fumes away from my lunges and brain.

Be careful out there, it's a dangerous place ;)

måndag 13 oktober 2014

US Armored Company

My Shermans and HT transports got some decals, dirt and varnish and can now be added to the archive. I also found a Famo and a few Kubelwagens that needed some dirt and a varnish.

Next up is the dreaded water mill which now has a deadline on the 9th of November, when we are going to play a Market Garden style game.