fredag 31 januari 2014

Some German Hardware

These little beauties have been sitting around way too long and I would like to have them finishes soon. They need some washes, scratching and decals before they can hit the dance floor.
Nebelwerfers are some of the cooler artillery pieces from WW2 in my opinion, I really like the look with the tubes and the stories about the scary sounds when they fired. More Minnies for the people!

torsdag 16 januari 2014

2013 and plans for 2014

2013 was a slow year for my miniatures, mostly because of an expanded family and too much video games in my spare time. 
A short recap of things:
I got my act together and built a gaming table with some basic terrain. 
For my Flesh Tearers I painted up a couple of characters and an assault squad but haven't played with them since.
Having skipped the games, I made some progress on my German forces at the end of the year which in turn got me more inspired to work more on all my other little guys. 

So what would I like to do in 2014?
In no particular order, as I like to jump a little between different things to not get bored.
  • Americans
    My rifle company is pretty much done, of course it can be expanded but I am quite happy with the way it is, having the mandatory units with a couple of options. I started expanding them to be able to field a Tank Company as well and that is almost done with 10 M4A3 Late Shermans (five 75 mm and five 76 mm) plus five M3 half tracks to have some mech support for them. What is needed for them to be a proper, playable force is a battery of priests, some recon and some AA.
  • Germans
    Kind of the opposite of the americans, my tanks are pretty much done and I want to expand them with some leg troops. Most likely I will get two platoons of grenadiers and some AT guns. WIth the battery of Nebelwerfers almost done and using my tanks and recon it will be a playable force.
  • Flesh Tearers
    Seeing the guys playing Apocalypse at the club made me want to paint these guys up. A Storm Raven, another assault squad and two-three Baal Predators would be nice to have done. This will probably not happen as I only got two games of 40k in during 2013 and others games appeal more to me.
  • Terrain
    Finish up the things I have started which is 4-5 buildings, roads, hill expansion and some trees.
  • War and Empire
    I joined the kickstarter for this 15mm ancients game, I have been wanting a Persian army for quite some time and this was a great opportunity to get that. Hopefully the rules will be good and great fun.
  • Bushido
    Got me two starter sets for Bushido, played a game but then I haven't spent much more time on it. My Ito clan is primed and my goal is to have them painted before summer.
Other things that could be nice to get into are SAGA and Chain of Command. I have also been looking at the Finnish and Gebirgsjägers for a force that can be played in all time periods, but it seems highly unlikely that it will happen during 2014.
We are also planning a Total War in Flames of War to take place in a couple of months, this time on the west front during the late war period. This will probably put my Americans on the upper part of my list as that is what I will be playing.

fredag 10 januari 2014


This was our first Total War battle for Flames of War at the club and it was a an exciting game.
We started planning the game back in October, to inspire everyone to get ready and paint up their forces.

Due to some illness, the game had to be moved so it actually took place in 2014 instead of 2013 but who cares?

The Forces
We were running 5000 points per side, with the players on each deciding if the wanted to push points from one company to the other.