My Recipes

My collection of recipes for different miniatures.
Since I'm not good at keeping one book with the recipes I use, I keep them here. On the plus side, maybe someone else can use them too.

Flesh Tearers Red Armor
1. Two layers of thinned GW Mechrite Red
2. Wash with home made wash (Acrylic Paynes Grey:Water - 1:15)
3. Highlight up with thinned GW Blood Red (Blood Red:Water - 1:4)

Cloth/Purity Seals
1. Tau Sept Ochre
2. Bleeched Bone
3. White

Lightning effect (Source:
1. Basecoat the blades with Regal blue and wash them with Badab black
2. Lightning pattern: Regal Blue.
3. Lightning pattern: 1:1 mix of Regal Blue + Ultramarines Blue.
4. Lightning pattern: Pure Ultramarines Blue.
5. Lightning pattern: 1:1 mix of Ultramarines Blue + Ice Blue.
6. Lightning pattern: Pure Ice Blue concentrating on the edges.
7. Lightning pattern: Skull White again concentrating on the edges of the blade and the pattern.
8. Glaze the whole blade with a 3:1 Diluted Skull white, which blends the colors and gives a haze effect on the blade.

Skulls and Bones
1. Base Dark Flesh
2. Highlight VMC Cork Brown
3. Final highlight Bleeched Bone

Jump Pack Engine Glow
1. Basecoat Space Wolves Grey
2. Wash with Asurmen Blue
3. Highlight with Space Wolves Grey
4. Highlight with Skull White
5. Glaze with watered down Asurmen Blue to tie everything together

Farmland/Jungle Basing
1. Base with sand
2. Paint sand with Calthan Brown
3. Dry brush sand with Khemri Brown
4. Paint stones with Adeptus Battlegrey, drubrush them with Astronomican Grey

Brick works
1. Paint with German Camo Beige (to make sure the mortar between the bricks look ok)
2. Use Flat Brown, Light Brown and Red Leather for the individual bricks.