tisdag 30 juli 2013

Operation: Overlord - Tank engagement

After the Allies having made a great inland from the landing zones a small force of British Churchills find them self face to face with two platoons of Panzer IVs on the fields outside Conteville.

The area has a few smaller hills, a couple of fields and a three way cross road with two ends on the German side and one end on the British side. At the intersection are two smaller houses.

After making contact the two forces slow down and spread out with a platoon of tanks on each flank, the Germans having their stronger five tank platoon on their left and a weaker three tank platoon on the right. To avoid getting flanked, the British put a tank platoon on each side and the commanders in the middle, protecting the 25 pounders at the start.
With their weaker armor but better training, the Germans decide to hold off and try to pick off some targets before moving on. The plan might have been sound but the execution did not go so well, the right hand platoon is quickly decimated by the determined British tankers. Two Panzers are destroyed while only one Churchill is set aflame.
On the left flank the Germans hang on and manage to survive through an air strike a few rounds of artillery bombardment but are forced to pull back when the company commander is struck and catches fire. With only one tank lost the British score a great victory and gains even more ground.

söndag 7 juli 2013

Operation: Overlord - Fallschirmjägers defending versus 1st ID

The Big Red One has gotten off from Omaha beach and started their push inland. Reports have come in about a Fallschirmjäger company defending a road junction which is needed to secure the supply transports for further progress inland. Initial recon confirm two anti tank bunkers and a platoon of Green Devils having set up defences around a farm just outside town.
Two platoons of GIs with artillery support and a few light tanks begin their advance through the fields.