torsdag 26 februari 2015

War and Empire is here

So, the long awaited War and Empire kickstarter has been delivered, well worth the wait.
The quality of the miniatures is really good and they have a lot of details (which might be a pain in the behind to paint but who cares).
I took a quick snap of the stretch goal characters yesterday, thirteen or fourteen warlord characters for the different armies. Guys like Caesar, Alexander and Darius III can be found here.

Hopefully I will have a unit or two painted up before summer, still have my Space Hulk terminators and Gebirgsjägers in the paint box.

måndag 23 februari 2015

New bits box

My always supportive wife happened to stumble upon a small toolbox when she was out shopping: link

This is perfect for keeping track of the WIP-bits and also to have some tools and paints on the go. Currently I have sorted up my Gebirgsjäger company and their leIG18/PaK38s. The small slots in the boxes are perfect to keep the teams in order and to keep track of who goes where.

On the top of the box there is a small compartment which can old some bigger things, like a box or two of tanks.

The trays are handy and can hold paints, brushes and some tools, everything you need to clean, prepare and paint your minis.

With a handle on top it is also easy to carry it, for example when going to the mother-in-law for a day and you need to have something to do.
So all-in-all I'm very happy with it and for around €20 I find it quite affordable.