söndag 28 september 2014

NW41 Nebelwerfer Battery finished

My new hobby table is in place now so I have finished up my NW41 battery for Flames of War.
It will be a nice addition to my German panzer forces, giving them some means to smoke evil observers and maybe been some infantry. 
The kit is quite nice except for one part, the front stand on the launchers that prevent them from tipping over. This little bugger has a tendency to fall off all the time and I just gave up and put them in some silly putty before the final assembly.
I decided to base them in a rubble setting, which will be theme for my German Totenkopf forces.

torsdag 11 september 2014

The old switcheroo

With some recent changes in the family, me and the wifey decided that my old "man cave" has to move. Since we seldom (never) use the cinema room downstairs and she has started a PhD it seems like a good idea to turn my creative spot in the house to a more formal office. At the moment the office part is kind of drowning in hobby stuff.

tisdag 9 september 2014

Summer is over

My US forces got their armored support ready for battle and I have even gotten two games in with them. The support consist of a M7 Priest battery, Armored Recon and an AA section. There are also five HT transports so I can use my rifle company as a armored rifle platoon.