tisdag 7 december 2010

HQ, small platoon and partial WP almost done

The painting part is done for most of the stands for the upcoming battle.

HQ with bazooka (supposed to go with the rifle platoon)
From Miniature gaming

Rifle Platoon (6 squads)
From Miniature gaming

Partial Weapons Platoon
From Miniature gaming

I have three mortars left to paint now, plus some kind of basing and a sealer. I have some kind of fixative sealer as well as some of Vallejo's gloss and matte varnish, which I will try on something else before I risk messing up something important. Will probably test it in the air brush, should work out pretty fine I guess.
My wife me some modelling paste which I will try out for the basing. Thinking of mixing it with some brown paint and sand. To give it a bit of color and texture, at the moment it looks a bit blend.

Further more, I put an order for the D-Day books for FoW, some paint, a US dice set and somehow a Sanguinary Guard box ended up in the shopping cart too. Gonna try to build some HQ units out of the SG box, mix it up with the honor guard box I have gotten earlier.

söndag 21 november 2010

Three stands painted

My first three stands, one platoon command and two rifle squads, are painted. They are not glued to the bases yet, as I want to make sure I get them right.
I have gone for the 1941 uniform look but I will mix in some green horns with the 1943 uniform as well. The painting guide I have used is the one that can be found on the Flames of War web page.

All three stands
From Miniature gaming

Platoon command
From Miniature gaming

Rifle squad with BAR rifle
From Miniature gaming

Rifle squad
From Miniature gaming

torsdag 18 november 2010

First attempt at 15mm

I have been interested in Flames of War for quite some time now and earlier this year I found a fellow (same guy I have played some 40k with) who is also having an interested in this World War 2 game. He is building up a Fallschirmjäger company so I was juggling ideas back and forth between a Russian or US force. After a lot of consideration, I picked a US Rifle Company. I bought a box from Wayland Games about a month ago and this week I have managed to put some paint on the first ones.
Our goal is to have a first go at FoW after Christmas. We are going for something small, around 250 points, so I am going to paint up one HQ, one rifle platoon and one weapons platoon, like this:
1xCinC Carbin, 1x2inC Carbine (15p)

Combat Platoons
Rifle Platoon - 1x Command Rifle, 6x Rifle, 1x Bazooka (110p)
Weapons Platoon - 1x Command Carbine, 3x M2 60mm Mortar, 2x M1919 LMG (110p)

I had removed the flashing and mold lines earlier, washed them with some soap and put them up on their stands. The reason for putting them up on stands was that I wanted to start painting them a few stands at the time and not have a big bunch of unpainted minis making it look like I am not going anywhere. Now I can take 2-3 stands and have them separate and see my progress.

From Miniature gaming

From Miniature gaming

It is quite different to paint 15 mm compared to the 28 mm I have been doing before, no big surfaces to splosh a lot of paint on and the small details can easily be hidden if you are not careful with the paint.

From Miniature gaming

From Miniature gaming

Another new insight is Vallejo Paints, I really like their bottles which have a nice little dropper. It is precise and I can get as much or little paint as I want. I feel they cover nicely and another good thing: they are cheaper and contain more paint then GW's. What is there not to like? Might just be the first impression blinding me though.

Furthermore, I found another guy who had put up some work in progress of some houses he is building: Mike's Wargaming. He shared some nice printable house blue prints for 15 mm war gaming. So I have to try these out some day!

onsdag 17 november 2010

Death Company, a Rhino chassi and a Bat Rep

Had a game a few weeks ago so I needed to paint up my Death Company for that.
They are just primed and base coated with a simple wash of Payne's Grey, so quite a basic painting so far.
From Miniature gaming

One of my Razorbacks got some base coating done and an assault cannon mounted. I bought the Dark Angels Ravenwing box, a really nice buy for any marine player. Lots and lots of bitz!
From Miniature gaming

The list I used versus my friend's ork horde was as follows:
Reclusiarch 130p

Sanguinary Priest 50p
Sanguinary Priest 50p

Furioso Dread 150p
Heavy Flamer
Frag Cannon
Extra Armor

5 man Death Company 195p
3 Bolters
1 PW
1 PF

10 man Tactical 265p
Melta Bombs
Flamer + ML
Razorback + TL Assault Cannon

5 man Assault Squad 155p
Melta Gun

My friend had one blob of sluggas (with Mad Dok), one blob of shootas, two deff dreads, 3 deffkoptas and a bunch of lootas (11 or something). Of course, I forgot to bring my camera so no photos from the game.

We rolled for the mission and came up with Dawn of War, annihilation, with the orks going first. The orks started with the two blobs up the middle, ready to charge me.
I put my tacticals behind their Razorback ready to shoot the oncoming green skins and my assault squad deployed in their Razorback in the other end of the table, ready to zoom away.

My memory is a bit clouded in some parts but the battle went something like this.

Turn 1
As predicted, the orks ran towards my lines in their turn.
In my turn, I rolled up the assault squad in cover to be able to shoot the heavy bolter on the orks. We forgot to apply the night fighting rules and I fired away with everything on the orks. The tacticals managed to down zero orks, alot thanks to FNP, while the assault cannon on the Razorback chewed away two hooligans (if my memory serves me correct).

Turn 2
In the next turn, the lootas entered the playing field, running for some ruins up on a hill in the orks right side of the table. The shootas and sluggas rushed closer to me and assaulted the Razorback belonging to the tactical squad (closest target for them and that is the way we interpreted the rage rule). They punched the Razorback in the front so it became a nice terrain piece.
In my turn the dread came on to the table, so I put him behind the Razorback, facing the shoota boys who were coming close to the tactical squad.
The DC-squad and the assault squad stayed in their Razorbacks, the assault squad popping smoke to get some
cover from the lootas who would probably start firing next turn.
In my shooting, it was time to try out the frag cannon and heavy flamer! The dread managed to kill about 10 orks in the shooting and then prepared to assault the shoota blob.
The tactical squad assaulted the sluggas, but didnt manage to kill that many thanks to the Dok's feel no pain. Damn they are hard to kill! In the counter assault, the tactical squad lost seven guys (I think) and fled the field.
The dread rushed into the shootas and killed off a few, the remaining orks panicked and got smashed up.

Turn 3
His deff dread entered the board, walking and running towards me. The deff koptas came in on his left flank and fired on my dreadnought, doing nothing.
The Razorback with the assault squad got immobilized from loota-fire in the middle of the field. The assault squad jumped out in cover, waiting for the deff dread...
My DC-Razorback drove towards the deff koptas and unloaded its payload of very, very angry marines. They shot at the deff koptas, taking off one wound on one of them.
I don't remember the order of things with the sluggas and my Furioso, but they ended up in close combat, with my dread killing their Dok (no more FNP!).

Turn 4
The orks got the second deff dread on the table, walking towards my immobilized Razorback in the middle.
Now the ork player made a grave misstake: standing still with the koptas, firing their rokkits instead of running away! They killed one death company marine, but the yummy target for the DC-squad is still there.
Lootas fired from the ruins, doing nothing to the Razorback. The bunch of sluggas and my Furioso pretty much danced the night away, with the orks just glancing the dreads AV13 and the dread killing a maximum of two orks per round of close combat. *yawn*
In my turn, the assault squad ran towards the deff dred, time to smash up some metal! They fired their melta gun, but no effect and then prepared to assault.
My black bunch of anger rushed up to the deff koptas, to put some hurt on them. They killed two koptas and the last one retreated. It was still the closest target, so the death company ran after them.

Turn 5
The lootas and the deff dread fired on the assault squad in the open, killing one brave marine.
The deff koptas ran off the table, scratching up one KP for me and making the DC squad turn around towards the bunch of sluggas.
I took some pot shots with the DC Razorback and the assault squad moved towards the deff dread but the game ended here.

4-2 in KP for me if we calculated it correct. He lost his Dok, one squad of shootas, one formation of deff koptas and one dread. I lost one squad of tacticals and one Sanguinary priest. I am not sure if the dedicated transport counts as one KP, then it would be 4-3 instead.

Lessons learned:
Don't stand to close to the table edge, even marines can wet their pants and run off the table.
Be more aggressive! Put those assault squads in close combat, especially versus things like lootas.
Use the fast army I have at my disposal, they can move from one end to the other very quickly.
Templates versus blobs of non armored targets are very nice.

tisdag 21 september 2010

TV-room and some angels

During the summer it has been quite hectic, we have been working a lot to get the company started and prepare for Parisa's parents.

Some stuffs has happend at home though.
The "Persian room" has turned in to a more swedified tv-room.

From Rödeby 2010

From Rödeby 2010

My Flesh Tearers got them selves a Furioso Drednaught with a frag cannon (chopped up the multi-melta).
From Miniature gaming

And some more assault marines and my death company is getting some color too.
From Miniature gaming

From Miniature gaming

From Miniature gaming

I got a new air brush as a gift from Parisa's mom, but I have not yet tested it. I need to buy some more paint and some hose connections since the old ones did not fit.

fredag 30 april 2010

The end of the kitchen renovation is getting closer

After some more waiting for the kitchen tops to to arrive, they are finally here!
This time the problematic one fit like a glove.
From Köksrenovering

From Köksrenovering

The combined fridge/freezer is also in place, serving us ice cubes for the friday gin&tonic.
From Köksrenovering

All the tools and junk has been removed from the dining area. Maybe some BBQ in the garden from all the wood-junk tomorrow?
From Köksrenovering

The stove does not get to rest much now, today's food is some spiced up gravy with cous cous.
From Köksrenovering

söndag 7 mars 2010

Lack of internet

We lost our internet connection for about three weeks at home for some (yet) unknown reason. I tried to upload some pictures using the mobile but it was not successful.

Which was first, the chicken or the egg? In our case it was the egg.
We have cooked using the new stove for the first time and there were no chickens in sight.
From Köksrenovering

The kitchen looks pretty much like a kitchen now, most of the cabinet doors and drawers are in place. The last ones will have to wait till we have painted the walls.
From Köksrenovering

A major setback was the kitchen top which was 4 mm too wide but a new one is on the way and will arrive this upcoming Friday.
From Köksrenovering

The enlarged door way has been primed and painted, as well as the walls
From Köksrenovering

From Köksrenovering

The oven and microwave has also been installed.

From Köksrenovering

söndag 21 februari 2010

Wall tiles and water heating

Me and dad put up the wall tiles this weekend.

By the stove
From Köksrenovering

From Köksrenovering

By the sink
From Köksrenovering

From Köksrenovering

The coffe corner

From Köksrenovering

The floor heating has also been connected, just waiting for the electricity to be connected and it will work a bit better I guess.
There has also been a major drawback, the countertop for the coffee corner did not fit. It was about 4 mm too wide. At the same time my phone broke down so I have not been able to continue the process with Ikea.

tisdag 26 januari 2010

Small things

The floor was layed out and fixed up during the weekend, it looks quite nice when it is done I have to say.
From Köksrenovering

The walls are pretty much done, some plaster and sanding left for them.
From Köksrenovering

The quite meditative occupation of putting the cabinets together have started.
From Köksrenovering

From Köksrenovering

Some pictures of the current mess, just to sca... inform people what it might be like to do renovations. Which is often forgotten in all the home make over shows.
This is the combined shower and dish washing room.

From Köksrenovering

Current kitchen, in the hall way. Nice with some sun, eh?
From Köksrenovering

Hallway with bricks, quite clean and nice at the time of the photo. It looked more like a saw mill before.
From Köksrenovering

Hallway towards the kitchen, with things littered all over.
From Köksrenovering

Kitchen table can be seen somewhere under all the other thingies.
From Köksrenovering

torsdag 21 januari 2010

Another brick in the wall

Dad has been working hard the last few days getting the walls and the wine stand up.

The wine stand is made from brick pipes.

From Köksrenovering

The almost final result.
From Köksrenovering

The internal walls.
From Köksrenovering

From Köksrenovering

måndag 18 januari 2010

A random bunch of updates

My day time work has started again, so the progress will slow down a bit.
The water pipe has been pressurized and no leaks were found. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

We have put up the wooden ceiling and painted it with foundation paint.
Parisa did a lovely job painting the little spots were twigs has been (no clue what they are called in English).

From Köksrenovering

White foundation paint.
From Köksrenovering

The bricks for the small wall that will be put up behind the counter and for the floor-to-ceiling-wall has arrived.
From Köksrenovering

The beginning of the extra wall, where the oven/microwave oven will be placed later on. We have found clay pipes which will form a built-in wine stand in the corner as well.

From Köksrenovering

The floor tiles has also arrived.
From Köksrenovering