söndag 27 april 2014

10000 views and some progress

I hit 10 000 views a little while back, not bad for a limping blog like this.
Thanks, who ever you are. Kind of makes it worth it to know that someone likes to have a look every now and then.

So what have I been up to?  A little bit of everything.
I have worked a little bit on my expanded hill, a few minutes here, a few minutes there. It became a small experiment for a waterfall, just had to try that tube of silicone. The result was not that good, but still fun.

I bought that support that I needed for my American Tank Company, they have been primed and highlighted. Excuse the bad photo, the highlights are not that strong in real light. And those Gebirgsjägers? I just couldn't help myself and got a company with some leIg18s and PAK38s. I wonder what year they will get out of their boxes?

Then I stumpled upon a thread on the Flames of War forum about trees (link to the post), and I just had to try it myself. Very easy, just some sisal thread, steel wire, flock, paint and glue. Voila, nice trees. But a note, use a glove if you are going to hold them and use spray glue. My left thumb is now also flocked, a feature maybe.

A side thing that has happened is that a "fellow" war gamer passed away, Mike Norman. I enjoyed his blog and posts in the BF forum. Sucks to see someone go earlier then they should. RIP Mike.