tisdag 10 juni 2014

A little bit of everything

Summertime is here in Sweden, so another reason to not get much done with the little plastic and lead guys.
But some stuff has been happening!

First, of all, to increase my motivation and get some grips on how my hobby projects are progressing, I put them up in a Kanban flow at kanbanflow.com It is a free and easy to use online Kanban board. I don't really use all of the features at the moment, lead times can be scary sometimes.
This is what it looks like for me at the moment:

In the terrain department, I have made the stone etching on the bridge for the water mill and put some black color on it. The mill itself got some windows and a second floor, no stairs or anything and it will probably not be any. Time will tell.

I also ordered a small village (seven houses) from 4ground. Really nice little kits and really easy to build when you get the hang of it. Thumbs up for these guys! Three houses done, four to go.

My US tank company is ready for the table top (for me that is basecolors, a first highlight, gloss varnish and blacklining) and this will let me focus a bit more on the terrain. A shot on the support which was the last part of them, no full army shot yet but that will come up sometime. Maybe when they are all weathered and totally ready.

Finally, I built a new paint stand from some left over wood I had lying around since last summer. I knew they would be useful. Ehm.
A lot better now with a good overview compared to having all the paints in a big box. It has also left me with some more space on the desk, which can't be bad (=more WIP).