tisdag 14 juni 2011

US 105mm Artillery - Part 1

The FoW-bug has bitten me again so yesterday I primed the rest of my infantry and the guns and bases for my 105mm artillery. Working with the airbrush is a joy, makes priming so easy. With the new work room in place, the work gets even easier. To improve my air brush experience I need to build a small stand for the air brushes though, at the moment I have to fiddle around a bit when I refill paint and so on.
Additions to my US Rifle Company
105 mm howitzer has gotten some paint
As always, when the minis has been primed the mold lines that I missed show up. Guess the old file has to work a bit again.

söndag 12 juni 2011

Basing my US Rifle Company - Part 2

The basing material has finally arrived and I have started to base my Rifle Company. Part one can be found here: Basing my US Rifle Company - Part 1

I started out by mixing up green and brown turf. This is the mix that major of the bases will have, the two base shades will be used to break up the pattern a bit.

Pu the base that will get some nice greenery on a piece of paper, this will let you bring up the turf that is not sticking to the base. To stick the turf to the bases, I use PVA/water about 50:50 and I put it on the base with a good old brush and then just sprinkle some turf on it. I let it dry for a bit and then shake the excess off.

Repeat this for the different shades that are going to be used.

When the turf is done, I put some static grass in a few spots. I tried a small sift but it was more difficult and did not produce the result I was looking for. Instead I just stick some grass on to a glue spot and shake it off, holding the base up-side-down to have the grass stand a little bit (at least I imagine it will help).

After this, I go for the foliage in two different shades. To put it on the bases, I use a pair of tweezers, grab the flock, dab in a bit of PVA (not watered down) and then stick it to the base. It might need a little press and squeeze here and there to come out the way you want it.

Final step for these bases is the grass tufts. 

A note on the grass: I bought some "Field Grass" from Woodland Scenics but I am not that happy with it. Very hard to handle since it comes in individual straws and 15mm scale is not very big. Next time I order some miniatures I will try out Silfor's grass tufts (or similar from some other brand) since they seem to be easier to handle: just some glue and stick it to the base. The WS-stuff takes a lot more time, cutting, shaping and so on. If anyone has any ideas to make it look good, please stick a comment below.