onsdag 28 oktober 2009

Weekend and some more

Ordered some new speaker-elements for my broken speakers (which broke in the wedding) and I got the last Friday. So me and Parisa removed the old ones and replaced them, so now the surround is back in the house :)
I also soldered some wiring for the amplifier for the subwoofer and tested it up but since it doesn't have a filter it gives a wee bit to much of the sound register. Dad had some old filter lying around so I guess I can grab that. It also needs some on-off switch, quite cumbersome to have to unplug it everytime you want to turn it off.

Have gotten a list of kitchen wares which we will order:
Microwave Husqvarna 4141 FX
Owen Husqvarna 7408 FX
Dishwasher AEG F404010VIL
Stove Whirpool AKM607
Fridge/Freezer LG side by side GW-B 207FSQK, 90 cm
Fan Gorenje DF610E

Been playing some Dawn of War 1 aswell, finished the first game, on to the second expansion (Winter Assault). Quite a nice little game, good way to get into the WH40k universe. Nice story and so, graphics are getting a bit out of date I guess but it doesn't really matter.

Furthermore I continued to base coat my Blood Bowl team, have some brown and bone to put on then it is time to wash them.

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