måndag 18 januari 2010

A random bunch of updates

My day time work has started again, so the progress will slow down a bit.
The water pipe has been pressurized and no leaks were found. Happy, happy, joy, joy!

We have put up the wooden ceiling and painted it with foundation paint.
Parisa did a lovely job painting the little spots were twigs has been (no clue what they are called in English).

From Köksrenovering

White foundation paint.
From Köksrenovering

The bricks for the small wall that will be put up behind the counter and for the floor-to-ceiling-wall has arrived.
From Köksrenovering

The beginning of the extra wall, where the oven/microwave oven will be placed later on. We have found clay pipes which will form a built-in wine stand in the corner as well.

From Köksrenovering

The floor tiles has also arrived.
From Köksrenovering

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