torsdag 18 november 2010

First attempt at 15mm

I have been interested in Flames of War for quite some time now and earlier this year I found a fellow (same guy I have played some 40k with) who is also having an interested in this World War 2 game. He is building up a Fallschirmjäger company so I was juggling ideas back and forth between a Russian or US force. After a lot of consideration, I picked a US Rifle Company. I bought a box from Wayland Games about a month ago and this week I have managed to put some paint on the first ones.
Our goal is to have a first go at FoW after Christmas. We are going for something small, around 250 points, so I am going to paint up one HQ, one rifle platoon and one weapons platoon, like this:
1xCinC Carbin, 1x2inC Carbine (15p)

Combat Platoons
Rifle Platoon - 1x Command Rifle, 6x Rifle, 1x Bazooka (110p)
Weapons Platoon - 1x Command Carbine, 3x M2 60mm Mortar, 2x M1919 LMG (110p)

I had removed the flashing and mold lines earlier, washed them with some soap and put them up on their stands. The reason for putting them up on stands was that I wanted to start painting them a few stands at the time and not have a big bunch of unpainted minis making it look like I am not going anywhere. Now I can take 2-3 stands and have them separate and see my progress.

From Miniature gaming

From Miniature gaming

It is quite different to paint 15 mm compared to the 28 mm I have been doing before, no big surfaces to splosh a lot of paint on and the small details can easily be hidden if you are not careful with the paint.

From Miniature gaming

From Miniature gaming

Another new insight is Vallejo Paints, I really like their bottles which have a nice little dropper. It is precise and I can get as much or little paint as I want. I feel they cover nicely and another good thing: they are cheaper and contain more paint then GW's. What is there not to like? Might just be the first impression blinding me though.

Furthermore, I found another guy who had put up some work in progress of some houses he is building: Mike's Wargaming. He shared some nice printable house blue prints for 15 mm war gaming. So I have to try these out some day!

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