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Operation: Overlord - Saint-Lô - German FJ vs US Rifle

Finally, the goal for the operation is in sight: Saint-Lô!
The church tower making for the skies in the distance with the rest of the city spreading out around it. The Big Red One has taken up positions outside the city and are making ready to go in to take a foot hold in the outskirts.

One objective is placed near a small square on the US right flank and another behind a house on the left. The Germans deploy one FJ platoon and two 88s in ambush, leaving the Americans to guess where to attack. In reserves are two Stugs and another FJ platoon. Both FJ platoons get two HMGs attached to them.
On the American side, the commander let a battery of 105s dig in, put a the first rifle platoon on the left flank and the second on the right and a tank platoon of three Shermans in the middle. A support platoon of four 81mm mortars find a nice spot behind a small hill to assist the grunts with some smoke, they dig in just like the 105s.

Slowly the rifle platoons move forward, knowing that machine guns might open up at them from any of the houses. Hopefully the fields and woods around them will give them some cover.
Suddenly, the roar of guns break the silence and two Shermans catch fire as the 88s reveal their ambush in two houses at the outskirt of the town, leaving only the commander alive.
The American commander try to lead in the mortars to cover the german positions in smoke but fail. Instead the 105s are left to this task and score a hit, giving the tank commander a chance to get away. He rushes for cover in a small wood but in the panic he gets bogged down!
During this, the rifle platoons continue to move up leaving them only a small rush away from the first buildings.
Having the americans close by and not wanting them to get into the houses, the FJ commander reveals his second ambush, a full platoon of jägers with two machine guns. They split their fire, in hope to pin both platoons. The plan is atleast fifty percent complete, after a volley of fire the first platoon is covering in the woods and fields. But without any casualties.
The stranded Sherman tries to get going but doesn't manage with this, leaving him with high hopes for the artillery to keep him alive. The first platoon continues to seek cover, not wanting to expose themselves.
On the right flank, the second platoon moves up, trying to seize ground and gain a foothold.
With a lucky first hit, the mortars cover the 88s in smoke, giving the Sherman another chance to unbog.
This gives the 105s an opportunity to bombard the FJ platoon, on their third attempt they manage to find their target but no casualties are inflicted but leaves the Germans covering behind the walls.
At the back of the square in the town, another FJ platoon appears, ready to help their comrades. Confident in his defence, the German commander orders his second platoon of jägers forward, not leaving them behind. The first FJ platoon commander stands up, showing his men that the americans are not to fear and his men follow. They fire with all they have at the americans standing in the open just outside the protective cover of the house walls. The fire is deadly and most of the platoon is wiped out with the survivors running for their lives. The american commander looks desperate as he has now lost one of the most important elements of his assault.
The american artillery continue to place smoke on the 88s, with the mortars raining shells on the FJ, managing to make them seek cover once more.
This time they are not standing up again, making it possible for the remaining rifle platoon to advance on the city. The second FJ platoon continues to move up.
In a final move, the rifle platoon runs up with guns blazing and assults the FJ platoon. They manage to stay through the defensive fire but are cut down in the first german counterassult.
With nothing left that could mount an attack except for a lonely Sherman, the americans retreat from the field.

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