måndag 4 november 2013

Terrain tests

Since I finished the gaming table I have tried to build some terrain but it has been going pretty slow. I think I need deadlines for my miniatures to really get me going, like the upcoming Total War event at the local gaming club that I am helping to arrange. This will require a bit more of terrain and tanks.

Some of the terrain tests I have been doing just to try out techniques and materials:

Simple fences (tongue depressors, tooth picks and coffee stirrers)

Dirt roads (hard board, acrylic sealant)

Boccage (hard board, foam, sand/gravel)

 Field (hard board, card board, sand/gravel)

Hill extensions (hard board, foam - No picture, they are currently drying up)

and last but not least, the very difficult deployment zone markers (coffee stirrers)

I have not taken any pictures of the process for them but some tutorials will be made for each piece as I need to make more of them. I'm also out of clump foliage so a new batch has to be cooked but the boccage is not at the highest priority at the moment since I am going to finish up terrain for an eastern front landscape before I continue with the western front.

On the miniature side I have managed to get the paint on my M3 HT transports, base coated some schürzen for my Panzer IV's, built my Panther G platoon and base coated the 15cm Nebelwerfers.

Panther, schürzen, nebelwerfers

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