tisdag 9 september 2014

Summer is over

My US forces got their armored support ready for battle and I have even gotten two games in with them. The support consist of a M7 Priest battery, Armored Recon and an AA section. There are also five HT transports so I can use my rifle company as a armored rifle platoon.

Tanks vs Tanks
C-J and me had a game of FoW a couple of weeks back, he used some of my germans and I played with my CT tankers. I didn't get that many pictures, just the ending where I took his objective and held my own. It was a close game and I really like the big blob of CT Americans even though they are not very durable in a 1-on-1 fight.
Panthers taken out by arty and bazookas.

Stuart rush! Taking out a Panzer IV platoon together with 76mm Shermans.
Ruined houses
The ruined houses I started a year back are now finished and they came out quite nice I think. I'm extra proud of the brick work, inspired by County Gate's foam board tutorial.

And finally: my Ito starter set, which I started in October last year. They are now ready to battle it out on the table top. The transit from painting mostly 15mm miniatures to 28mm was quite rough and it took me some attempts to get the standard somewhat OK. No tattoos for them at the moment, I don't feel confident enough for that.

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