torsdag 30 juni 2016

Anglo-Danish warband finished

Been a few weeks since they got finished but I have not had the energy to put up any pictures until now. I have been busy with a renovation project so not much time for painting at the moment. Soon I will move to another house so  guess another two months of moving, painting and fixing the apartment and houses.
But with no further ado, here is the bunch.

The Warlord in all his glory. He got a Scanian shield since that is the part of Sweden where I'm from.

The first unit of Hearthguard, armed with swords.

Axe wielding Hearthguard.

The guys with the big axes.

Some warriors

More warriors

And finally, the horde of stone slinging farmers

I really enjoyed painting them up, not like the repetitive work of painting Space Marines or US infantry.
With these guys finished up I have put the Gebirgsjägers next in line, would be nice to finish them up some day. I have also been eye-balling an army for 28mm ACW and also Mordheim is an interesting game. But that will probably have to wait until autumn some time.

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