torsdag 20 januari 2011

Upcoming plans

My rifle company is about half-way done now, I need to paint another 30 guys or so. Therefore, I need to think about what to grab next!
Been reading, looking at pictures and day-dreaming a bit about my Flesh Tearers so I guess I will give them a round of paint-love. First off I will finish what I have started i.e. my tactical squad will get some battle damage, bases and a varnish so I can forget about them. After that I will take care of the assault squad and DC. When they have gotten their time I will probably turn to my veichle park, four Rhino chassis to paint up. It will be alot of air brush practice on these guys, with some shading techniques I have tried to study on YouTube but haven't put in to real use yet.
Hmm, feels like a long list of things to do but it will pretty much be my standard 1000p army.

I have been looking at expanding it, some honour guard, maybe a Mephiston proxy and a new chaplain/reclusiarch. I really want to try out some green stuff modelling but I guess starting with making a Mephiston will end up with me making two of him instead.

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