måndag 22 augusti 2011

On the table - August 2011

Next up on my table for some care are two 10 man JP assaulters and my Vanguard Veterans. I have been eye balling the Space Wolf sprues for some time and in my last order I got a box of them. They have some pelts, runes and teeth and I think most of this can be made to fit in to the theme of Flesh Tearers (killing tigers with their bare hands or something). With some green stuff and a file I guess the most blatant evidence of wolfyness can be erased.

First up is my Vanguard.
BP/Chain sword, Power weapon/BP and Lightning claw/Storm shield
Thunder hammer and Lightning claw/Bolt pistol
I think I will have to do something about the storm shield, maybe file it down and add some more fleshy items?

The first ten man jump squad, minus the sarge who is almost done and not in the picture. Two arm less melta gunners are in the picture too.

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