måndag 22 augusti 2011

US 105mm Artillery - Part 2

Two months to almost finish the guns, not bad for being me.
Been a busy summer, trying to fix up some parts of the house. With no vacation, working full time at my usual work and then having our small side business picking up some customers as well the little plastic/metal soldiers haven't gotten the attention I was hoping for.

The four guns are painted, varnished and based (a few straws of grass and some other basing material left) so for the full battery, I will have to paint the command, observer and a jeep.

I was fixing up some marines with some green stuff and got a piece left over, so I tried to model some sand bags for one of the snipers.

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  1. Spännande att det sitter någon i Karlskrona-regionen och håller på med det här. Välkommen förbi någon av "brädspelskvällarna" på café Porslinan om du vill någon gång. Skulle du kunna tänka dig i att hålla i ett enklare Flames of War scenario/turtorial så får du gärna höra av dig till: 371awesometown(snabelfuckinga)gmail.com