fredag 30 mars 2012

Clump foliage, my first attempt

Since we play west front and Normandy, bocage is needed! I like doing things myself and I had a look around the interwebz for some ideas.So I found a video on YouTube about making your own clump foliage, didn't seem to be that difficult:
  • A blender ~€10
  • A piece of old foam, from a mattress or similar. €10 for a brand new, my test batch used about 1/30 of it.
  • Paint €30 (got some big jugs, it will be used for more terrain features)
  • Glue, I have a house, having PVA glue around is mandatory.
The procedure is very simple:
Rip the foam in to small pieces, put it in the blender, add water and let it run for a while.
Take it out and remove the water.
Mix foam, glue and paint. Don't be shy with the glue.
Spread it out on a news paper and let it dry.

I made a mistake of adding water, this is not needed. It will only increase the drying time, which was about a week for me.

The result? Very much like the foliage from Gale Force Nine I bought.
My next batch is on the way, playing around with the colors a little bit. I will try to make some yellow/orange/red to create some nice markers for destroyed tanks.
If you are having plans on building a lot of bocage terrain or maybe a lot of trees, get a blender and some foam and make it yourself!

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