torsdag 12 april 2012

2012 March/April - US Rifle

As I posted in 2012 February/March I was going to finish up my howitzers and some other random things that week, but a week became a month instead. Last night I put the finishing touches on the last teams for my current US Rifles.

First up, the little AOP. I won't leave home without it, even though it has become a little bit worse with V3 it is still awesome to be able to rain down some fire any place you want on the table. The paint job stuck through the last game and it seems like if I can avoid scratching it the paint will stick.

My 155mm howitzers, which I will probably try out in my next game are also finished. They come with some worthless tractors which with the new rules are automatically sent to the rear and can not stay on the table (unless one team sits in them). So much for that AA cover.
One mean 155mm
Staff team in the back, observer front left and command front right
High speed tractor a.k.a space filler
Final touches has also been made to my 105mm crew and a sniper team. I will probably try out the sniper team in my next game, they have been quite improved with the V3 rules I think.
The staff team will get a printed map one of those days, the same for the 155mm staff team as well. Adds a bit of extra detail to improve the overall impression I think.
105 mm staff team, 105 mm command/observer and sniper in front
Staff team close up
A bunch of jeeps have been finished, three of them for my Towed Anti Tank Platoon and another two for whatever might need a jeep in the future.
Finally, a picture of my A&P platoon with two bazookas. A picture to show how I mark my teams to keep track of who belongs to which platoon. It really makes it easier both for deployment and when the teams intermingle in the battlefield.
A&P platoon plus two zooks
Platoon marking
All the clump foliage on these bases are from my own, home-made batch. Looks good I think.

That was all for this update. Now I am a bit tired of the green colors and will give my Flesh Tearers some love. Storm Raven, Death Company Dreadnaught and a bunch of Death Company guys coming up next!

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