söndag 15 juli 2012

Death Company Storm Raven finished

Today I finished off my Death Company Storm Raven.
I put some scratch marks on the edges to make it look like it has crashed down from the sky a couple of times to deliver its cargo of crazy, angry, raging lunatics.

For the base I tried to build something to hide the plastic stand a bit and to match my upcoming jungle terrain. I started off with some cork on the base to make a stony foundation. Then I used a bit of foam left overs and covered it with a plaster mix. After this I added some stones and gravel.


After priming it with some GW skull white spray (make sure the foam is totally sealed or the primer will eat it up) I gave the stone parts got some grey paints and the ground some browns. To make it look like some over grow has started I used a green and brown wash that I applied in places where moss would grow. To add texture I used some fine turf from Woodland Scenics (Earth, Medium Green and a 50/50 mix of both). The final step was to add some plastic flower parts to give it a more jungley look.
The Raven's paint job was quite simple: Vallejo Black Primer all over, highlight the edges with some VGC German Grey. The red DC mark was air brushed with Vallejo's Heavy Red and then finalized with a Vallejo Bright Red. Metal parts were painted with Gunmetal Grey, washed with black wash and then dry brushed with some Gunmetal Grey.
The Imperial eagles were based with Brass color, washed with a sepia wash and highlighted with Bright Gold.
The scratch marks were just added with Gunmetal Grey.

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