söndag 4 januari 2015

Looking back at 2014

So what happened to my pile of plastic during 2014?
My goals: http://wip-piw.blogspot.se/2014/01/2013-and-plans-for-2014.html
I have been quite bad at blogging my progress, instead I have just taken some snapshots and tweeted it. If you wanna follow me on twitter, go here: https://twitter.com/makkeru

  • Americans
    Tanks, transports, artillery, AA and recon finished. I got the Bridge at Remagen book, so I guess a box of Pershings might show up some day.
  • Germans
    Finished the Nebelwerfers, quite happy with them and it was fun to paint the crew.
    I didn't get any grenadiers but a company of Gebirgjägers and my friends gave me a King Tiger for my birthday. And somehow a box of Sturm Tigers slipped in with the Blood Angels order.There are still some decals and some weathering left on the Panzer IVs and Panthers, probably just a couple of evenings.
  • Flesh Tearers
    Oh, the horror pile! Nothing, not a single miniature got painted for my Flesh Tearers. I got hesitant to paint anything with the rumors about a new codex and I pushed everything to see what is viable, I even started to have a look at other chapters. With the release of the codex, I am happy that I waited. There will probably be some more Death Company marines in my force then I planned before.
  • Terrain
    Probably where I finished most things. Got trees built, hills, roads, a water mill and some ruins. My wife got me a bunch of 15mm houses from . I enjoy terrain building and I have some more plans for some ruins to get a better city table.
  • War and Empire
    Nothing, the Kickstarter got delayed and I have not received the miniatures. They are on their way soon I guess, about 400 little Persians and Spaniards.
  • Bushido 
    My Ito clan is finished, might get a game in next week even.
  • Other
    I got four berserkers for SAGA for my birthday, haven't done anything on them.

    We had a Total War game, which I lost. Still good fun.

    When the Space Hulk box was re-released, I got me a copy of that and I have started painting the Tyranids.

So what will 2015 look like?

  • Space Hulk
    Probably my highest priority. The Tyranids are almost done and I should really make an effort to finish them up before the War & Empire miniatures show up.
  • Flesh Tearers
    Death Company and my Rhinos/Razorbacks should be manageable.
  • War & Empire
    No rules yet so I will probably just start with two, three units for each side.
  • FoW Germans
    I would like to paint the Gebirgsjäger company but the King Tiger and Sturm Tigers will be done first.
  • Terrain
    Some basic forests, maybe some city roads. Then fill out with more ruins. It would be awesome to get some 28mm terrain done but I won't keep my hopes high for this.
  • Bushido
    Not very high on the list but it is just a handful of miniatures and should be easy to squeeze in.

In a year we will see what I managed to finish up.

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