söndag 7 juni 2015

Got eyes for you

The Space Hulk terminators are getting very, very close to being done. Maybe a game fore midsummer is possible, just six months late.
Had some time Friday evening to paint the eyes on the Librarian and the Tyranid corpse, minus the guts. The Librarian still has to be given a nice grip for his force axe but then he is done (I think).

On the terrain side of things I base coated and dry brushed the boccage pieces and the next step will be to pick out the stones before flocking and adding the actual foliage. I am pretty happy with the result so far and I hope to get a nice game of FoW in against some Fallschirmjägers hiding in the bushes.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Funny this, I'm actually going to be starting my Space Hulk minis in the next couple days. First time ever painting Space Marines (Shock/Horror). And I'm totally diggin the bocage bases!!!

    1. I thought they would be quite easy to paint, but the amount of details.... It takes time :)