onsdag 17 juni 2015

New Arrivals: BA, SAGA and some blisters

The last batch of things from Waylands arrived today. Two rule boooks, SAGA and Bolt Action together with a blister of Gebirgsjägers, some static grass and the rest of the plastic bases for my terminators.

It will be nice to have two new books to read in the weekend, midsummer and all. SAGA has been interesting me for quite some time now but with the 6MMRPC running I won't be tempted to buy an army, yet. When the day comes I will get some sort of Viking/Anglo-Danish army and I plan to get a mounted army that can stand in as a Danish medieval army as well as Normans and some kind of crusaders. For this mounted army I have been looking at the Fireforge plastic sets, they seem to be really nice. And for the obsession with Danish armies, the place where I live has been Danish longer then it has been Swedish so I probably have some old ancestor with a red and white flag.

Last evening I also had some time to sit down and paint on my Predator hulls, they are coming along nicely and I really like the new air brush. Can't praise it enough.I managed to finish the black areas on two out of three hulls and touched up the turrets and the sponson mounted weapons. Masking takes quite some time with all the little fiddly places and in some spots the mask didn't cover properly and I got some over spray, probably not a big deal with some added battle damage and mud it will not show.
In the middle of painting, but it gives an idea of they will look like.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Tanks are coming along nicely!

    Those Fireforge plastics look really nice, though seem more Medieval to me rather than Norman-Dark Ages?

    1. Yah, they are probably closer to crusaders but they have horses so they can double as Normans. My friends are not to upset about proxies :)

  2. I do love Saga so, hope you enjoy it!